What is That Vintage Whatchamacallit ?

What is That Vintage Whatchamacallit ?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 2nd Mar 2022

Have you ever seen one of these & wondered what it's for?  (kind of looks like a dragon :)

It's a Vintage Glove Clip Holder. Let's say you're out for lunch, you remove your gloves and look for a place to put them. On the table? so déclassé On your lap? they'll likely fall. Aha! use your handy dandy Glove Clip Holder. The top part opens to slip on to the table edge. The clip at the bottom of the chain holds your gloves. Volia! Problem solved.

You can also use it to hold your hanky or a small purse. Oh my! What will they think of next!

These glove holders come in different designs, some ornate, some plain but they all have a clip part and a chain or hook part. If you're curious to see more search on eBay - there's lots for sale there. Just search Glove Clip Holder.  

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