Where to Find Hey Viv ! Vintage

Where to Find Hey Viv ! Vintage

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 22nd Jun 2022

After selling vintage for so many years (over 35 years!) I feel like I've sold vintage everywhere.  Right now you can find Hey Viv ! Vintage Clothing and Jewelry mainly in 2 places. We sell Vintage Jewelry on and also on eBay.  We sell Vintage Clothing primarily on eBay.  Why the difference?  

It's mostly a matter of time and where the market is.  The clothing takes longer to list so I only do it once on eBay because that's the wider market.  The jewelry is quicker to do so that gets listed in 2 places on and on eBay.  This may change as time and selling patterns evolve.

Go to this page to see more about Hey Viv ! Vintage  and see what we list on our web site and then check out our eBay Vintage Listings.  to see everything vintage we list on eBay.   You can use this shortcut link to get to the eBay section - --  Happy Shopping !

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