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Black Cat Eye Glasses with Sheer Scarf, & Pink Poodle Socks 
This combo is available for immediate shipment and includes:
  • 1 pair Cateye Glasses in Lacquer Black with clear lenses & a sparkle of rhinestones. 
  •  1 Sheer Scarf (21"x21") great for ponytail, headband, or as a neck scarf. 
  • 1 pair of Hey Viv ! Poodle Socks -  Adult Size 9-11 white Bobby Sox with turn down cuffs and cute pink poodle applique. Made in the USA

Shop and Save ! Get your 50's accessories together in this one combo and save off the regular price.  These accessories are so perfectly 50's and they are just what you need for your Poodle Skirt outfit. Or add them to rolled up jeans or circle skirt and a white shirt for an easy 50s Bobby Soxer costume.   


Hey Viv Brand Products are proudly made in the USA
Hey Viv ! brand retro clothing is proudly made in the USA  
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