35 Years of Hey Viv ! Vintage and Retro Clothing

35 Years of Hey Viv ! Vintage and Retro Clothing

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 21st Jan 2021

In 1986 I opened a small store on Port Richmond Ave called Hey Viv ! Vintage Clothing.  In the beginning I was only open Friday and Saturday because I was afraid to quit my day job and go full time into the store.  I started with vintage clothing that I had been collecting for years so it was a mixed bag.  I had no idea of how to present and how to price.  There were piles of clothing on tables that people looked through and we would haggle over the price. Soon I got clothing racks, hangers, and an iron.  Yes! in the beginning I ironed every thing in the store.

We knocked down a wall, expanded the space, fixed up the display windows, got lighting, and it finally started to look like a real vintage clothing store. I put up a "Hey Viv ! Vintage Clothing" sign and I was in business!

That was 35 years ago and a lot has happened since then.  After 13 years I took the store online to eBay and created a very, very early version of my website. I changed the name to "Hey Viv ! Retro Clothing" and expanded to offering reproduction vintage style clothing in addition to the vintage I always carry.  From there I branched out to sell on Amazon and Etsy, made new and better versions of my website, started to sell on Walmart and Poshmark.  Boy, that covers a lot of years.

In 2021, I will celebrate 35 years in business, post throw back photographs, think about the highlights, enjoy where I am now, and look to what the future might bring.

Thanks to all my customers who have supported me and thanks to my family for encouraging me.  Here's to the Hey Viv ! of the Future!

Hey Viv ! clothing has been seen in movies, TV, and on stage all over the world.