A Quick Look at Wearing Pill Box Hats with Hey Viv !

A Quick Look at Wearing Pill Box Hats with Hey Viv !

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 31st Mar 2023

Have you ever asked yourself - How should I wear a Pill Box Hat? Do they go straight on, at an angle, and how do they stay in place?

Pill Box Hats are made to fit down over your hairstyle but not down over your head.  They are usually held in place by your hair but you can use a bobby pin, hat pin, or clip to be sure it stays in place.  I often use a hair comb to build up a small area of my hair then I position the hat on top of that. You can see in the video that I've swept my hair up so it goes inside the hat.

One reason I made this video is that I realized customers don't always know what to do with the thin ribbon pull inside our Pill Box Hats.  This thin ribbon goes around inside the hat under the grosgrain ribbon.  If you pull both ends it gathers the grosgrain ribbon into a smaller shape.  This helps the hat hug your head when you put it on.  It helps to tie the thin ribbon in a bow to keep it tight.  It all get tucked up in the hat out of sight.

Here's the video - please contact me if you have any questions.

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