Add a Touch of Charm

Add a Touch of Charm

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 30th Dec 2021

Sometimes I just want to add a little something, something to liven up my outfit.  It might be a pin, a hat, or a scarf.  I often add a pair of colorful gloves if I feel the winter day looks dreary.  These velvet gloves are stretchy to fit and a layer of soft warmth in the cold.  I love the way they feel!  And they come in a variety of colors.

Sometimes I want a flash of color or a striking note to give a finishing touch to an outfit.  That's when I reach for my necklace rack (a repurposed tie rack actually).  It may be beads, it may be a pendant, or even pop beads but once I slip on a vintage necklace I feel like I'm wearing something special.  Right now I'm wearing a graduated bead necklace in shades of red.  They match my big heart earrings from Hey, Dollface.  

I'll post more ways to add a touch of charm to your look.  Remember, it's the details that count!

"The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up. Usually it just feels like it works."   Rihanna