Glove Pals - Still Useful After All These Years

Glove Pals - Still Useful After All These Years

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 25th Feb 2022

Here's an oldy but goody. "Glove Pal" Plastic Glove Dryers. Made in the 1950's by the Bert Emerson Co. of Brooklyn, New York.

The Glove Pal solved a common problem in the 1950's when everyone wore gloves going out. How do you wash and dry your gloves? According to the instructions, putting your gloves on the Glove Pals before washing helps your gloves keep their shape and helps with air circulation as the gloves are drying. They are convenient for travel and are a wonderful gift!

I still use my Glove Pals to clean vintage gloves.  I slip my gloves on to the pink plastic frames then dunk them in a basin of warm soapy water.  (I use regular dish detergent.) Then I rinse them, still on the Glove Pal frames, then put them on a clean towel to soak up excess water. Hanging the gloves up still on the Glove Pal lets them finish drying while helping the gloves retain their shape.  Be careful when slipping the pink frame out and you are good to go with clean gloves! 

If you want to try this with your gloves you can find vintage Glove Pals on eBay. 

The "Glove Pal" a practical product from a bygone era. Thank you to Everett :)