Headbands Are Pretty, Practical, and Cool!

Headbands Are Pretty, Practical, and Cool!

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 6th May 2021

Everyday I choose a different headband to hold back my hair. (If you've seen my picture I have a lot of curly hair :)  Sometimes I color coordinate with my outfit and sometimes I just pull out a favorite headband and say 'the heck with matching!'  I like the wider headbands that remind me of the 50's or 60's and I do like bright colors and patterns like polka dots or stripes.  A good headband frames my face, compliments my look, and I like it to stand out from my hair color.  And my favorite?  A headband with a flower of course :)

Create a look with comfortable, colorful headbands from Hey Viv ! Retro. Make a fashion statement with 50s Polka Dots, New Wave 80s Checks, Flower Power 60s, or Rockabilly Bandana Headbands. 

Hey Viv ! Fashion Hairbands are pretty, practical - you'll love the vibe! 

"Vintage Charm for your Modern Style"  Hey Viv ! Retro Clothing 

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