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How to Wear a 50s Style Sheer Chiffon Scarf

How to Wear a 50s Style Sheer Chiffon Scarf

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 22nd Feb 2023

So many people tell they have been looking for a 50s style sheer solid color scarf to add as an accent to their look or to match an outfit.  I think that's why Sheer Chiffon Scarves are one of the biggest sellers at Hey Viv !  They are classic and will never go out of style.

We carry square chiffon scarves in lots of colors in two sizes: 21" square and 24" square.  Each size works well as a head scarf/ headband and can be tied with a top bow - the 24" scarf will give you a bigger bow.  If you want to wear it as a neck scarf or neckerchief you can fold the scarf into a triangle and tie it at the front or side for a jaunty look. The 21" scarf gives you a neckerchief look.  The bigger 24" scarf gives you a more flowy look.

Here's some ways my customers have told me they wear their Hey Viv ! Chiffon Scarves:

  • Tie one on a purse handle for a bit of color.
  • Tie a scarf at the back of your neck with the bigger part of the scarf in the front to fill in a low neckline.
  • For a quick and easy holiday look - wear a red and a green scarf for Christmas, orange for Halloween, or green for St Patrick's Day.
  • Two scarves can be tied end to end to make a longer headwrap.
  • Wear your team colors at the Big Game.
  • Wrap a present in a scarf.  You'll save on paper and they get to keep the scarf.
  • Keep one tucked in your purse for those hair emergencies or for a windy day.

Hope this has inspired you :)  Add a quick and easy colorful accent to your outfit with Hey Viv ! Sheer Chiffon Scarves