Pop Beads - Fun 50s Fad

Pop Beads - Fun 50s Fad

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 5th Mar 2021

Pop Beads are a fun 50s fad that we still enjoy.  They were originally made as an inexpensive plastic jewelry that anyone could afford and were sold mostly in Five & Dimes. In the 50's Pop Beads came in lots of colors and finishes from matte to shiny.  The white or off white pearl style was very popular as an alternative to higher priced pearl necklaces with the added advantage that Pearl Pop Beads could be changed to any length from choker to longer, looped strands.  

Some higher end jewelry manufacturers even got in on the Pop Bead trend including companies such as Coro, Richelieu and companies in Hong Kong. They tended to make fancier looking Pop Beads with lustrous finishes. 

People still enjoy the nostalgic feel of Pop Beads making necklaces and bracelets in bright color combinations. Put them together and then take them apart - there's something very satisfying about hearing that "Pop!"

Hey Viv ! Pop Beads are manufactured in the United States and come in rainbow colors, pearly pink, pearl white, or black.  Customers tell us they like sharing the Pop Beads with friends, with a child, or as a party favor.  Some schools use Pop Beads as part of science demonstrations, some customers use them to make cat collars, and even as decorations. 

Pop Beads, Pop-it Beads, or Snap Beads - treat yourself to some colorful beads today from Hey Viv ! Retro Clothing. 

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