Refreshing Your Vintage Hat with Kitty's Vintage & Kitsch

Refreshing Your Vintage Hat with Kitty's Vintage & Kitsch

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 27th Jul 2021

I love a vintage hat in any shape or size.  Sometimes I open a box of hats and find them ready for a showcase and sometimes I open a box of vintage hats and find a squashed pile.  These squashed hats just need a little tender loving care to bring them back to looking their best.  I like a challenge :)

I was going to write this blog about how I refresh and restore the shape of my hats but then I found Kitty's Vintage & Kitsch blog at .  Kitty has a wonderful tutorial, complete with pictures, on how to steam, reshape, and refresh a vintage hat. Easy to follow and understand. 

Kitty starts out saying: 

"This is a tutorial to show you the basics on how to care for and restore vintage hats. I will show you how to steam, re-shape, and generally 'freshen-up' your new vintage hat.   It's a quick and easy process and no special equipment is required, everyone can easily do this at home!"

Learn more at

Thank you Kitty !