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See Who Wears Hey Viv Clothing and Accessories

See Who Wears Hey Viv Clothing and Accessories

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 29th Mar 2018

See Who Wears Hey Viv Clothing and Accessories

I love it when customers send me pictures or tag me on social media so I can see how great they look in our retro inspired clothing.  We have a whole page about photo shoots, shows, and special events we have been part of on our website called Who Wears Hey Viv !  You can check it out, and get ideas and inspiration. 


One of the best places to see people wearing our clothing is through Instagram. (just tag #heyvivretro or @heyvivretro )    Here's Lauren putting her look together with a Black Ric Rac Skirt   and  Melissa lounging on a warm summer day in our Sleeveless Black and White Checked Blouse. Ok, I am jealous, Melissa is chillin' in a hammock.


Sometimes I get pictures of our clothing in shows or musicals which is so cool !  I want to go see each and every one.  Here's two holiday shows, one from the Ellen Theater and "Holiday Rock 'N Roll" from Star Kids. 

And here's Nadette at ETG Book Cafe where I go to have coffee every week and where I hold meetings when I need to get out from behind my computer and into the real world.  Nadette's sunny smile brightens up my day.  If you are ever in Staten Island, please check out ETG cafe and say "Hi !" to Nadette  :)

Want to show us how you look in your Hey Viv ! threads?  Send a picture to or post it on instagram and add the tag #heyvivretro @heyvivretro  We'd love to see Who's Wearing Hey Viv ! 

  We can't leave out Leanne as "Holly Daze." Don't forget to steal a kiss under her Mistletoe Hat !