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Vintage Bracelets are Oh So Charming to Wear

Vintage Bracelets are Oh So Charming to Wear

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 7th Sep 2018

Vintage Bracelets are Oh So Charming to Wear

Ok, so that title is a bad pun.  But I really do love vintage bracelets and of course my favorites are Charm Bracelets.  It's hard not to keep them all  but I've bitten the bullet and listed some on eBay.   I also had fun with Instagram this week and created posts that featured bracelets like this Sarah Coventry Bicentennial Charm Bracelet.  Remember 1976 and all the hoopla ? It was Bicentennial Fever and everything was patriotic.  Only 8 more years til the next Anniversary America!

Another favorite of mine is anything Atomic 50's.  Splashes, starbursts, diamonds, boomerang shapes all say: "I am cool - Wear Me !" and so I do.  I particularly like thermoset plastic with bright colors and odd shapes.  I find lots on eBay so I buy sell and list my vintage jewelry there.  Come check it out :) 

side note - while I was writing this post this bracelet sold :)   Got to Love eBay ! 

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